One of our favourite artists at Lost In Florence is Alvin Mark. We have championed his ink sketches since first discovering his talent and now you can own a piece of his work too.

This Singapore-born, Florence-based (via west coast USA) fine artist has a knack of bringing the energy of modern Florence to the page with the simply brush of his ink pen. From classic scenes featuring Ponte Vecchio or Duomo, to street life in the markets and restaurants of the city, Alvin's interperation of the Renaissance capital is both vibrant and true to contemporary life.  

Alvin is hosting his own crowd funding programme offering art lovers an original sketch plus a personally signed copy of his to-be-printed book of sketches of his complete Florence works. Interested to know more? Find details here

Prices are 220 euro plus shipping. 

For more of Alvin's work you can find him on Facebook and via his blog