Little dreams do come true...

When I first started Lost in Florence it was to share the unique and independent places in the Renaissance capital. All the artisan stores, chic old school cafes or eateries I adored when going in search of a truly authentic experience in a beautiful yet busy tourist city.  

It was always my dream to see the concept in print - both for being an avid book lover and to share my Florence in more detail. So when publisher, Hardie Grant, came calling, I was beyond thrilled to say the least!

A year in the making, Lost in Florence, the book, is hitting shelves 19 March 2019. It features over 150 venues covering the categories of Wine, Dine, Fine, and new gallery section, Sublime. There are my tips and tricks within The Essentials, listical round ups in Nine covering everything from aperitivo to gelato and pizza. Plus suggestions on how to spend time on a sunny or even rainy day. And more. Read all about it via the Hardie Grant book page here.

For details on where to buy and see a few sneak pages, click here.

Bacio da Firenze,
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10 Best Lunch Florence

Ciao tutti,

In the winters months, I savour the lunch date, in my opinion the ideal time to meet friends and feast over a Tuscan meal. And in Florence there is an array of eateries to indulge in pasta, pizza, fresh cheeses and panini packed with salumi. 

I was recently asked by Eating Italy Food Tours for my top 10 lunch spots in the Renaissance capital. The result it this - some highly recommended venues, many historic, and many with cheap lunch menus worth feasting on.

Feeling peckish? Take a peek and see what diner you may find yourself in when next in the city... 

Best lunch spots in Florence

Buon appetito!

Bacio da Firenze,
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Buon Natale {Merry Christmas}

Ciao tutti,

There is something special about December in Europe when the days become shorter yet streets light up with the illumination from sparkling Christmas decorations around continental cities. As the days become cooler we warm ourselves with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts both available in may cities, including Florence, literally on street corners or at the number of Christmas markets which pop up over the month.

For many of us who have family abroad, December is a time to travel to those who know us best: Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters, old schools friends… for there is something special this time of year to be surrounded by those you love.

Whether celebrating north or south of the equator, there are a bunch of articles to entertain you or enjoy vicariously through inspired images and words from around Italy. Some favourites include seeing Italy illuminated via Browsing Italy and Festive Florence: 10 ways to enjoy December in the city via Borgo Santo Pietro. Holiday reading via The Florentine with their 10 most read articles in 2015 (including a bar/bands article I wrote in 2013 still making the list) or an interview via Around Tuscany. Plus enjoy the beauty of the recent Florence light festival via photographer Tony Ancarola's stunning pictures. There is something for everyone - and more links on Facebook for inspired reading over the holidays.

Over the next weeks I will be in Australia (keep up with my travel on Instagram before returning to Italy in the new year to embark on a 7-day adventure, 'Florence for Families' style. I will be spending the week showing my brother and his brood (beautiful wife plus 4 cool kids) the hotspots of the country. Be sure to follow the fun.

But for now, wishing you a wonderful and loved filled Christmas wherever you are in the world. I hope it's filled with family and friends… plus much fine wine and food too. 

Buon Natale!


ps- If you haven’t yet voted for your favourite Italy focused website via Italy Magazine Awards, here's your last chance.

Be inspired by the nominees here

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Summer Party Pop-Up

Ciao tutti, 

Summer is official here in Florence - the city streets have heated up beyond expectation and before we all escape to the seaside, Lost in Florence has teamed up with MK Textiles, Tinka Loncar and Officina Lab to host a Summer Pop-Up Party at the incredible La Serra studio space in central Florence.

This Thursday 23 July 2015: from 7pm, come by for a summer cocktail, meet the artisans and see their hand-made products in the secret garden of historic Palazzo Pandolfini. This stunning space is normally reserved for friends and family so we are honoured to have it as our event venue this week.

Light snacks and wine will flow…as will conversation too. It’s the perfect opportunity to have a pre-summer holiday drink, meet friends, make new friends plus see some stunning artisan creations, all in one hot summers night.

I hope to see you there; RSVP here via our Facebook invite.

We look forward to seeing you and celebrating Summer 2015!

Nardia x Margherita x Karl x Tinka x Enzo x Chris

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Guidrr – Be first in line

Ciao tutti,

I have been working on an exciting project aimed at travel lovers like us – Guidrr. They are developing a number of city guides curated by people like me who live, love and explore the city they live in. And already write about it. Curated app’s of the city’s best finds by its locals.  

Travel today can be overwhelming; there are so many resources to access online or in print. The aim of Guidrr is to make travel easy for you. A select number of locals offer their unique perspective to their city be it for food, art, culture or the chic and boutique (in my case). Interested to know more? Take a look at Guidrr website here

And this is just the start. More locals and apps will be added in the future. Want to be first in line? Sign up to receive more information on my profile page for my first guide on the Backstreet Boutiques of Oltrarno district in Florence.

As a passionate traveller seeking authentic experiences, Guidrr is a new way to have access to a local knowledge for a unique experience of a city. You can also request a style of guide to a city you feel is missing in the Dream Experience section. Simply enter your ideas here: Dream Experience

I’d love to hear your feedback too; is this something you’d value when travelling? Email me at

Wishing you an adventurous week!

Bacio da Firenze,



Summer in the city

Ciao tutti,

It’s heating up in Florence as summer has arrived. Apart from temperatures soaring, June sees the annual summer pop-up bars and roof top terraces open, offering some of the best locations to have a sunset Spritz in the city. 

From riverside bars like Rivalta and Easy Living to the beach of Spiaggia sull'Arno which has just reopened for the summer months with sun loungers, wicker umbrellas and a wooden hut inspired bar open until late (1:30am) every night. There is something for everyone. 

Maria of Heart Rome visited Florence last week and we enjoyed rooftop cocktails with one of the best views in town. Find out where in her article here which also details a food inspired walk around Sant'Ambrogio and Oltrarno too.

Almost aperitivo hour? Check out this Aperitivo Tour with Curious Appetite, exploring Florence via wine and cocktails. A unique was to see, and taste, what Florence has to offer. Read more about our night on the cobble titles (bubbles included) here.

Next week I’m off to chase the sun in Sicily discovering the lesser travelled south part of the island.  Keep up with my travels on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

Wishing you a wonderful, sun-filled weekend!

Bacio da Firenze,


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Ciao tutti,
Florence is famous for its art, design and fashion. Perusing the stores in the city, many offering unique made in Italy items, is one of the highlights of living or travelling in Tuscany; from home wears to hosiery, there is something for everyone.
I recently took writer Valerie Quintanilla out for an afternoon exploring some favourite places for fashion (Boutique Nadine), perfume (Aqua Flor) and books (Il Torchio) to name just three. Read all about our adventures via Valerie's write up here, a recommended way to spend an afternoon in the city.

Adventure Girl, a U.S.A. based website, recently got in touch asking for an 8 Great Shopping in Florence article - the result? Read here for more of my favourite places to find great fashion, jewellery, home wears and more.

Like to shop and will be in Florence this Summer? I have some exciting events coming up where you can experience a unique afternoon only Florence could provide. There will be food, fashion, music and much more. Full details soon!
Wishing you a wonderful week…
Bacio da Firenze,
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POSTCARD: Eat. Drink. Travel.

Ciao a tutti,

I recently wrote about a weekend in Rome, which didn't disappoint. The Vespa rides, the food, the sights and markets. As summer draws closer and the travel season begins, it’s the perfect time to start planning your trip – be it this year or in the future – to the Eternal City, a magical and favourite place for a traveller to experience. 

This past week I’ve posted new articles on two favourite tours in the Eternal City with Scooteroma (Scooteroma Tours) and Eating Italy (Eating Italy). Unique but fun ways to explore Rome and really get to see a side you never expected – yet wish for. Put on that helmet and climb aboard, release your inner Audrey Hepburn (or Gregory Peck) and see Rome like no other on the back of vintage Vespa! Though save room for the Roman cuisine you’ll taste on a food tour of the Testaccio district, which is fulfilling in more ways than one.

In Florence this weekend, STREEAT Truck Food Festival is taking place. I was lucky enough to experience this food festa in Rome two weeks ago indulging in an array of individual food stalls selling samples of sweet, fried and savory treats for you to taste. It starts this Friday, 10 April, and runs all weekend at the serene Cascine Park to Florence's west. More details here: STREEAT Food Truck Festival

As for me, after STREEAT, I'm heading to Venice to eat my way around Burano. One of the smaller islands off the big six, it’s a colourful and quaint island with seafood dishes galore. And least not forget the signature peach Bellini one must indulge when in this part of Italy. Oh, if I must… ;) full report and pictures to follow. If on Facebook you can follow daily updates here Lost in Florence FB on Instagram @_lostinflorence and Twitter @_lostinflorence

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Bacio da Firenze,


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POSTCARD: Rome, sweet Rome

Ciao a tutti,

I was lucky enough to recently spend a few days in Rome and it really rekindled my love for the city. Having been there many times over the years, this time was different. I truly explored areas I've never seen before. I discovered buildings I never new existed. And I even ended up in a field of lambs. Yes, you read right, lambs, in Rome! They exist if you know where to find them.

It all started on a Friday afternoon taking the fast train to Termini Roma station. A mere 1.5 hours from Florence, it’s a 'blink and you miss it' ride; before you know it, here you are, in Rome, feeling the energy of the capital city; crazy car drivers, men riding scooters and architecture galore, Rome is a city like no other. And beyond the beauty of the renowned landmarks like the Colosseum, Piazza Navona, the Vatican or Spanish Steps is a city to explore, to immerse your self in and to really discover. Are you ready to be Lost in Rome too?

On the back of this past weekend, I’ve written a suggested itinerary for 48 hours in the Eternal city. It features places beyond the obvious to see including Vespa tours and foodie haunts…plus galleries, markets and suggested bars too. So if you are planning to visit Rome, or just dreaming of an adventure in the future, this article is for you.

Read article here: Lost in Rome for 48 hours

Happy travels and if in Rome, send the city my love.

Bacio da Firenze,


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Ciao a tutti,

As the year comes to an end, it's natural to look back and feel a little sentimental about life this year. And what a year! 

Lost in Florence launched in April 2014 and the past 8 months have been a flurry of people, places, articles and events. Almost 50 venues in Florence have been showcased in signature LiF style; we ran workshops over wine in September with a weekend of Open Studios in October. 

Then there was Lost in Summer party, the first PRESENTS event at SoprArno Suites and this December the launch of the Lost In…bag, our first piece of merchandise. What will the next 8 months hold? I'm excited to be Lost in 2015!

In the lead up to the new year, we are featuring picture highlights of adventures in Florence and beyond in 2014… you can find the link to see all images here: Lost in Florence on Facebook.

In 2015 we have an number of exciting projects and plans which I can't wait to share. It's looking to be a year beyond the expected!

Thank you all for being part of the adventure in 2014. Without your encouragement and support, Lost in Florence would just be a dream…

Wishing you all a wonderful New Years Eve and a fabulous 2015. May all your dreams and adventures (travel or otherwise) be fulfilled.

Grazie e Buon Anno!!


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Contact Details

PS - did you seen our short film we made too? If you missed it and want to see a day Lost in Florence, you can watch it here. Enjoy!


Crazy for Pazzi

Buongiorno a tutti,
Italy is renowned for its churches and Florence has so many it’s easy to loose count. The beauty of the cathedral, know simply to most as the Duomo, often takes centre stage yet there is another church, arguably more regal and certainly with a deeper history, everyone should discover: the church of Santa Croce. 
Established by Franciscan friars in 1294, within its walls are the tombs of dignitaries including Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli and today it also houses a favourite leather school and store, Scuola del Cuoio

It is also a church rich with artistic heritage. The Opera di Santa Croce, a non-profit organisation which runs the church today, has joined forces with The Florentine for Crazy for Pazzi, a campaign to restore the magnificent loggia of the Pazzi Chapel. The Pazzi were a rival family of the Medici and one older and nobler in lineage. The loggia, commissioned by Andrea de’ Pazzi in 1429 for Filippo Brunelleschi to create, is a priceless piece of 15th-century architecture which needs restoring.
And you can help. Until 20 December, you can be part of history and help keep this quintessential Florentine masterpiece intact. To be inspired, plus find full details on the campaign, watch this beautiful film made with Francesco da Mosto 

FILM - watch here

Today I will be taken on a tour of the chapel, going behind the scenes to spaces normally reserved for the monks. Pictures to follow on our Instagram account

In the Opera’s own words, “Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture… Its loggia requires urgent restoration.” Want to be Crazy for Pazzi too?
Bacio da Firenze,
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Open Studio Weekend

Ciao cari,

Summer has whizzed by, a flurry of events, new venue discoveries and a summer splashed with rain. September saw the success of the first Lost In Studio series, weekly events offering access into artisans studios in Florence for fun workshops over wine. And to complete this series we have a bumper weekend in stall - Open Studio Weekend.

Open Studio Weekend is our first 2-day event opening the doors of unique spaces in Florence; some hidden and normally not open to the public, others are to be discovered and open especially for us. All spaces are worth visiting to experience this unique side of Florence life. And all for free!

Like a magically mystery trail where you can be led to secret courtyards, old convents, to press a buzzer which opens the grand door into a wondrous's Florence 'Lost In' style but only for two days - this weekend 18/19 October. 

For full details and to download your free map, go to full article here

So come join us, see inside these studio spaces and meet the artisans too. I hope you enjoy getting ‘Lost in Florence’ as much as I do!

Bacio da Firenze,
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Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 October 2014
Various studios around Florence