Buon Natale {Merry Christmas}

Ciao tutti,

There is something special about December in Europe when the days become shorter yet streets light up with the illumination from sparkling Christmas decorations around continental cities. As the days become cooler we warm ourselves with mulled wine and roasted chestnuts both available in may cities, including Florence, literally on street corners or at the number of Christmas markets which pop up over the month.

For many of us who have family abroad, December is a time to travel to those who know us best: Mum and Dad, brothers and sisters, old schools friends… for there is something special this time of year to be surrounded by those you love.

Whether celebrating north or south of the equator, there are a bunch of articles to entertain you or enjoy vicariously through inspired images and words from around Italy. Some favourites include seeing Italy illuminated via Browsing Italy and Festive Florence: 10 ways to enjoy December in the city via Borgo Santo Pietro. Holiday reading via The Florentine with their 10 most read articles in 2015 (including a bar/bands article I wrote in 2013 still making the list) or an interview via Around Tuscany. Plus enjoy the beauty of the recent Florence light festival via photographer Tony Ancarola's stunning pictures. There is something for everyone - and more links on Facebook for inspired reading over the holidays.

Over the next weeks I will be in Australia (keep up with my travel on Instagram before returning to Italy in the new year to embark on a 7-day adventure, 'Florence for Families' style. I will be spending the week showing my brother and his brood (beautiful wife plus 4 cool kids) the hotspots of the country. Be sure to follow the fun.

But for now, wishing you a wonderful and loved filled Christmas wherever you are in the world. I hope it's filled with family and friends… plus much fine wine and food too. 

Buon Natale!


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