Crazy for Pazzi

Buongiorno a tutti,
Italy is renowned for its churches and Florence has so many it’s easy to loose count. The beauty of the cathedral, know simply to most as the Duomo, often takes centre stage yet there is another church, arguably more regal and certainly with a deeper history, everyone should discover: the church of Santa Croce. 
Established by Franciscan friars in 1294, within its walls are the tombs of dignitaries including Michelangelo, Galileo and Machiavelli and today it also houses a favourite leather school and store, Scuola del Cuoio

It is also a church rich with artistic heritage. The Opera di Santa Croce, a non-profit organisation which runs the church today, has joined forces with The Florentine for Crazy for Pazzi, a campaign to restore the magnificent loggia of the Pazzi Chapel. The Pazzi were a rival family of the Medici and one older and nobler in lineage. The loggia, commissioned by Andrea de’ Pazzi in 1429 for Filippo Brunelleschi to create, is a priceless piece of 15th-century architecture which needs restoring.
And you can help. Until 20 December, you can be part of history and help keep this quintessential Florentine masterpiece intact. To be inspired, plus find full details on the campaign, watch this beautiful film made with Francesco da Mosto 

FILM - watch here

Today I will be taken on a tour of the chapel, going behind the scenes to spaces normally reserved for the monks. Pictures to follow on our Instagram account

In the Opera’s own words, “Brunelleschi's Pazzi Chapel is a masterpiece of Renaissance architecture… Its loggia requires urgent restoration.” Want to be Crazy for Pazzi too?
Bacio da Firenze,