Guidrr – Be first in line

Ciao tutti,

I have been working on an exciting project aimed at travel lovers like us – Guidrr. They are developing a number of city guides curated by people like me who live, love and explore the city they live in. And already write about it. Curated app’s of the city’s best finds by its locals.  

Travel today can be overwhelming; there are so many resources to access online or in print. The aim of Guidrr is to make travel easy for you. A select number of locals offer their unique perspective to their city be it for food, art, culture or the chic and boutique (in my case). Interested to know more? Take a look at Guidrr website here

And this is just the start. More locals and apps will be added in the future. Want to be first in line? Sign up to receive more information on my profile page for my first guide on the Backstreet Boutiques of Oltrarno district in Florence.

As a passionate traveller seeking authentic experiences, Guidrr is a new way to have access to a local knowledge for a unique experience of a city. You can also request a style of guide to a city you feel is missing in the Dream Experience section. Simply enter your ideas here: Dream Experience

I’d love to hear your feedback too; is this something you’d value when travelling? Email me at

Wishing you an adventurous week!

Bacio da Firenze,