This week’s local I love is a new friend and someone whose way of living is something I can truly respect. Nardia Plumridge is the brains behind website ‘Lost in Florence’ which is all about introducing off-the-beaten-path finds in the city we both love so much. We have gone on a few adventures together visiting museums, stores fueled with coffee or prosecco and I have to say, she is a pretty cool chick. In her words “I am a writer, dreamer and lover of adventure; Founder of Lost In Florence, an alternative travel guide to the Renaissance capital focusing on chic, boutique, hidden and unique venues in the city. I love getting ‘lost’ because this is when the best adventures usually happen. I adore turning down an unknown corner to see what I can discover and am always hungry for my next meal too. Based in Florence, Italy, with my heart in many other places too.” Let’s find out a little more about this Australian ‘Fiorentina’ whose name sounds a bit like a movie star. Read the full article here