Walking around the cobbled streets of Florence you often look down a road and wonder if it’s worth the turn. Borgo Santa Croce is one such street. It may be dark, narrow, lined with medieval palazzi and void of flashy signage but do not be deterred. It is worth investigating and those who venture will be rewarded.

Quelo was opened in 2012 by three friends, Clo, Francesca, and Katia. Their desire was to feed locals healthy, homemade food along with an ‘at home’ feel. The space is an eclectic mix of worn furniture, retro posters and original art by local artists. The space centres on a 1950’s inspired glass cabinet kitchen neatly positioned at the front of the bar.

From breakfast to cocktail hour, the girls’ hand make your favourite treats. Pop by from 8am for a creamy cappuccino with bitter cacao topping matched with a freshly baked sweet pastry. At lunch choose from an extensive salad menu served with made to order panini.

From 7pm you can enjoy the sumptuous aperitivo buffet including freshly made salads of couscous, broccoli, farro, lentils, white beans, chickpeas and homemade pesto, truffle or red pepper dips. Choose from a well-priced wine list including Chianti, Prosecco and Tuscan whites such as Vernaccia.

The cocktail list includes standards such as mojito and martini, as well as the Ultimate Mix - made from freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices combined with vodka served in a cocktail glass. Try the zesty combination of beetroot, ginger, green apple, vodka or perhaps you prefer a drink laced with mint or licorice. Whatever combination you desire, these fruity concoctions are arguably the best and coolest yin yang cocktail tonic in town.

With regular music nights showcasing live performers to DJ’s and a new Monday knitting event, the Quelo girls plan to continue to create a space to enjoy any night of the week.

Don’t be put off by streets in Florence with little evidence of activity, you may be missing out. By taking a turn down an innocuous street you can uncover not only a great venue but also a rather nice drink too.