When you meet Sara Amrhein, you are taken by her energy and warmth. With a genuine spirit and bold personality, it's this character you will see find reflected in her jewellery. Colourful and contemporary, Sara’s creations are inspired by historical Florence yet are modern in design. From her studio in Santo Spirito, she hand makes these statement pieces for fashion-forward women. Born in New York and raised in Los Angeles, Sara’s passion for arts and crafts began as a small girl, with her love of jewels stemming from playing dress up with trinkets from her mother's jewellery box. Moving to Florence in 1999, Sara first arrived to complete an Art History and Italian Language study abroad programme. However, it was for love (of both the city and one of its handsome residents) that has kept Sara in the Renaissance capital.

Her design inspiration is broad. Sara says the art and fashion of Florence is a constant source of inspiration plus she cites her fashionista aunt and mother, artist Frida Khalo, and Italian designers Dolce & Gabbana as leaders in style. Living between two homes, one in Los Angeles, the other in central Florence, also plays its part. As she explains, “the bright, vibrant colours of my pieces reflect the warmth and sunshine of Los Angeles, while the detailed, intricate design and craftsmanship reflect the experience of living in Florence and its history of artisan culture.”  

Her studio is nestled within her showroom, light filled with crisp white counters offsetting her coloured creations, just a skip from the hidden, yet charming, piazza della Passera on the south side of the river Arno. Here you will find Sara at her worktable, covered with beads and threads, making her next creation. Sara uses polymer clay plus beading to create her pieces cut to Sara’s original designs before being fired in the studio kiln before assembling to create her range of necklaces, bracelets, earring, and brooches. Sara shares the space with Tiziana Salvi, who curates and sells work from local artisans. Within the showroom, you will find a collection of handmade ceramics, hats, and soaps, along with many other made in Florence items.

Photo credit: Olga Makarova