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5 Books For Creative Travelers

You know the feeling. You’re at the airport gate or the train station when it occurs to you that you don’t have anything to read for the next few hours. A good book would be a mental lifesaver, and the ‘shopping’ magazine provided in the seat in front of you just won’t cut it.

Here are a combination of 5 books and magazines that will become your best travel buddies.

Book # 4 Lost In Florence: An Insider’s Guide To The Best Places To Eat, Drink And Explore (Curious Travel Guides) By Nardia Plumridge

This one is particularly for those heading to Italy. There are many guidebooks out there, so why this one? Because the traveler is just like you! Put away the 80’s style dry guides from popular but unrelatable (sorry), traditional gentleman, and hop into the world of Nardia’s beautiful mixture of stunningly clear images and descriptions. She’ll take you exactly where you want to go, as well as places you’re looking for but don’t even know it! If your travel vibe appeals more to vintage boutiques selling designer brands, restaurants with food you can’t find on the main streets and secret spots you would be lucky to find on your own, then grab Lost in Florence for full-day itineraries and tips. She also offers this insider view into other cities like Cinque Terre, so make sure to bring this in your carry-on.

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