The dining room is slick and chic, a gentleman′s club feel with smoky grey walls and banquettes covered in black and blue check print fabric sat bedside vintage wood tables. Walls lined with antique mirrors and paintings which look like they have come directly from the window displays of neighbouring via Maggio′s antiquities stores. Tea lights flicker in mugs, staff hurry through the venue ready for service. I could be in Paris, London, New York … but here I am, in what has become a very fashionable Florence.

I take a seat on a tall stool beside the long zinc bar to immerse myself in the drinks list with creative cocktails by resident “barlady” Cristina Bini who offers a fresh look at cocktail mixing with names like ′Do You Remember Last Night?′ and ′Speedy Gonzalez′ (based in tequila). Begin your evening with a wine tasting (four glasses for 25 euros), before the food love begins.

Chef Gabriele Andreoni is a Florence native who has worked under Michelin-star maestros Mauro Colagreco and Heinz Beck. Andreoni′s menu is anything but traditional Tuscan – Marzolino cheese risotto with fava beans, vanilla and mushroom powder or duck breast with sweet kumquat, carrots and tart wasabi are two recent favourites. The open window of the kitchen looks onto the Chef′s Table where you watch the team at work, the ideal location to indulge in one of their tasting menus starting at 55 euros for 4-courses.

Pictures: Sofie Delauw