Lost In Art

Ciao cari,

Florence is famed for being a city of art. The wealth of the Medici family fed much of the Renaissance that today inspires flocks of travellers to come revel in the visual beauty on offer.

Florence is also a city that inspires young talent from many countries across the globe and Patrik Lundell is one such creative. Swedish by birth, Florentine by nature and from tomorrow will be offering a local or visitor to Florence the chance to take home a piece of his art…for free!

But first you have to find it. In true Lost In… style, the best things are found down an innocuous street. Want to know more? Read on…

Patrik moved to Florence in December 2012 when he found love and followed her here (her name is Jacqueline). Patrik often uses recycled materials (doors or window shutters) as a canvas to produce modern, bold intriguing pieces. His art combines his own quotes with symbols and figures around these words.

The art piece to find is an old window shutter that has been restored in his signature style. His inspiration? As Patrik says, “I want to give something back to the city that I have come to love. This window shutter with my art is the best way to do that, putting back something from the streets to the streets.”

As for the art hunt... the piece will be located near the library in Florence named after a famous Medici (clue: said Medici’s first name begins with “L”, venue isn’t far from Santa Maria Novella Station and part of “The Italian International Institute”). On Monday 19 May at 12pm the piece will be hung and the first person to find it becomes it’s proud owner…

Lost In…Art Florence style. Happy hunting!

Bacio da Firenze,