About Florence

Lost in Florence celebrates the unique and independent places in the Renaissance capital. The slightly hidden, less touristic, more authentic discoveries. Wine bars, café joints and places for the perfect meal; artisan shops, boutique hotels and much more. Whether you live in Florence or are visiting for a few days, Lost in Florence has many discoveries waiting for you. 

In 2019 we went from web to print. Featuring over 150 venues run by unique vendors from mamma and papà eateries to chic cafes and dreamy sleepovers in old Renaissance palaces. Discover more of the best independent places in the Tuscan capital here.

Often the best travel experiences are when we take that little back street and get lost… in the most adventurous sense. This website is an alternative travel place to gather the right information to plan your perfect stay. Plus, meet some local artisans on the way.

About Nardia Plumridge

A journalist by trade, and adventurer by nature, Nardia created the ‘Lost in’ concept one summer’s day walking down a sun-drenched street. All in the pursuit of finding the best local venues. Passionate about travel, food, wine, and authentic experiences, she aims to uncover places for you to experience the true essence of what Florence offers. And give you the information to create your adventure – are you ready to be Lost too?


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