Eat. Drink. Sweat.

Episode 6: Lost in Florence Creator Nardia Plumridge

“Write a list, plant a seed, and start nurturing your dreams.” – Nardia Plumridge, Lost in Florence.

Nardia Plumridge is the creator of the HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL website and lifestyle magazine, Lost in Florence. Passionate about travel, food, wine and authentic experiences, she created the ′Lost in′ concept one summer′s day while walking down a sun-drenched street in Madrid. Her aim is to uncover places for you to experience the true essence of what a city has to offer and give you the information to create your own adventure. Please enjoy my lovely conversation with Nardia as we chat about the importance of Fare Una Passegiata (taking a walk) and Dolce Far Niente (the sweetness of doing nothing)!

Listen to the podcast here.