The breakfast room of SoprArno Suites is now open to all

SottArno is the breakfast room of boutique hotel SoprArno Suites, serving its stayover guests before it opens its doors to the public from 10am. Offering a tantalising collection of specialty bread made from ancient grains as well as an array of sweet treats: breakfast cakes, crispbreads, cookies, and the famous cantucci biscuits. Mortadella in rosemary bread is a specialty sandwich (and a personal favourite), and salads are large and layered with ingredients such as tuna, egg and capers, a nod to a Nicoise.

Owner Matteo Perduca′s collection of menus gathered from dining experiences around the globe, adorn the walls while bric-a-brac furniture and banquette-style wall seating create a cosy atmosphere to sit and watch the Florentine world go by. This cafe is small enough to retain a serene charm in the middle of a bustling, vibrant city. Their well-priced cappuccino makes staying a while worth it.

Photo credit: Marina Denisova